Making the Matrix Work for You and Your Team

Abandoning the “one person one boss” rule, embracing, and empowering lateral decision-making within an organization can overcome many of the challenges created by the increasing complexity of today’s organizations.  Specialization within departments creates highly focused and deeply skilled operational teams but this can lead to the silo-mentality that hinders cooperation, innovation, and the flow of information and ideas.  Today’s matrixed organizations are designed to tear down these silos and ultimately create a structure that can be more responsive to swiftly changing business needs.  However, these benefits can only be realized if the matrix works.

View this webcast on building a culture that makes the matrix work.  We will provide an overview of the four components of the Matrix Working Framework that can help make a difference in the matrix working for you and your team.  We will also share highlights from a global study on influence in a matrix, and share best practices from leading organizations.